ATRI PUBLIC SCHOOL the CBSE curriculum is tailored with a multidimensional child cent rics approach, which is both interactive and pragmatic. Our curriculum, both in terms of content & methodology, is 21st century relevant and meets the highest learning standards; and is followed by 4 lac students in more than a 1000 Indian Schools.


In our aim to develop love of learning in children that'll last through their lives. we offer a broad curriculum that includes a wide range of extracurricular activities besides academics. Physical and mental development is intended to happen in tandem through indoor and outdoor sports, dance, free play, music lessons, dramatics etc. Specialized professionals and coaches mentor the child in all co curricular activities and ensure that nobody is burdened or overs cheduled. Mentors also ensure that activities push kids in the right direction, promote real world experiences, foster friendship, camaraderie, team work, healthy competition, build self esteem etc.