About Us

ATRI PUBLIC SCHOOL took its first baby step in 2018, safe and secure from day one; bubbling with energy, wonderful workable ideas and grit to make it through, the school has grown from strength to strength. It started with pre-nur to STD Vin 2018; is now moving a step ahead and will be upto STD VI in 2019-20 session.

Our director mam is a retired goverment teacher and has worked in various schools in ATRI region. Poor education system and unavailability of a proper CBSE school in this region encouraged her to open this school. It is committed to provide the best quality education to kids of ATRI (GAYA) and mentor them to be versatile human beings by exposing them to various walks of life. It is destined to be superlative, since profit is never a motive but passion is.

We value the contribution made by parents and carers towards your child's education and will be available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Our Advantage

  1. Campus spread in approx 5 acres with world class facilities proposed
  2. Individual Focus on every student • Low student-to-teacher classroom ratio (1 : 30)
  3. Developing multiple intelligence
  4. Scientifically designed curriculum for academic and non academic syllabus • Emphasis on concept development
  5. 20 % of campus area dedicated practical learning.
  6. Extremely caring and learned staff
  7. Stress free learning environment.
  8. Professional sports. performing arts, fine arts facility.
  9. Peaceful environment and away from scary traffic roads and noisy markets.
  10. Clean drinking water and 24x7 Power Backup.
  11. Clean washroom for teachers and students.
  12. Good transport facility.
  13. Hostel facility for boys and girls.